Best Cars for your Post-Retirement Lifestyle in Florida

Just because you’ve retired after all these years doesn’t mean you’ve given up on adventure and mobility. There’s still a lot of places to go and things to do down in Florida, and you need the right car for the job.

But there isn’t just one universal car or SUV for every retiree—you need something that fits the kind of retirement you’re looking for. So, whether you’re busy and adventurous, a real people person, or a little on the quiet side, there’s going to be a good, modern vehicle for your needs. Here’s a few suggestions for the best sort of car to bring with you down to Florida.


Plug In Electric Car

Go Green in an Electric Vehicle

One of the most cost-effective cars for even the busiest retiree would have to be the Chevrolet Volt. Just as it says in the name, the Volt is an electric car—meaning no need to stop for gas, and you can even charge it from home. It’s small and affordable, meaning budgeting for it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The important part is it’s four doors, which allows you to ferry friends and family about without any issues with seating arrangements. This includes a fairly roomy trunk for any grocery or other pickups that may be along the way. Another neat feature, particularly pertaining to cruising about the neighborhood, is it is nearly noiseless at low speeds. Fortunately, it does come equipped with a pedestrian-alerting sound system, so you won’t be accidentally sneaking up on any unsuspecting neighbors.


Child in Trunk

Minivan for the Grandkids

Maybe a small car isn’t big enough for your needs. That’s where the Honda Odyssey comes in. It’s a minivan big enough to pick up all your friends and neighbors for those weekly outings, but still with affordable mileage to coast around for your daily needs. It’s especially roomy in the back to so nobody has to feel cramped while riding passenger, and the floor of the rear opens up for even more space to fit laundry or shopping carts you might bring. If you aren’t already the most popular carpool pal in the neighborhood, the Odyssey will make you it.


Gasoline Fillup

Compact Car with Great Gas Mileage

If you’re not looking for something big and you’re not keen on spending a lot of money, the Nissan Versa has got you covered. It’s probably one of the most affordable cars out there. It’s less of a vehicle for the busy extrovert than the Odyssey or Volt, but has plenty of features to keep you content with your own vehicle. It’s incredibly fuel efficient, too, getting about 27 miles per gallon in the city, keeping your gas budget off your mind. The Versa is an exceptionally small vehicle with a spacious interior, making it one of the subtler vehicles to have in close-knit communities and neighborhoods where you want to keep to yourself.


Beach Off Road

Small SUV for Off-road Adventures

Those last three may not have fit your needs, because while you’re retiring to Florida, you’re not staying there. You’re still ready for adventure, you just need somewhere to stay between travel plans. To that end, you should consider the Jeep Compass. It’s a tough and rugged model designed to handle both paved city streets and the rough roads of the country, making it ideal for anyone with the intention of traveling. It’s spacious inside for even the tallest adults, so you don’t have to be taking these journeys alone. This also makes it easy to get in and out of—perfect for picking up or dropping off grandchildren during a visit. It’s not so easy on the mileage, but that’s the price of its versatility with terrain. If you’ve got plans to see the country with your retirement, it’s the Compass you want carrying you there.

Qualities to Look for in Your Next Vet in Naples

Whether it has feathers, scales or fur, the best pet is a healthy one. When moving to a new city, it’s especially important to find a vet that is trustworthy and one that can develop a positive relationship with the pet. Naples has plenty of vets to choose from, but some stand above the rest. Here are factors to consider when finding the perfect fit.


Dog Anxiety


The trip to a vet can be an anxiety-inducing experience for animals. Consider how far away the location is from home or work when researching a practice. Pet owners that use public transportation should see how far away it is from the closest metro or bus stop. Parking in the city is never easy, and finding a spot can be more stressful with a pet involved. Check to see if there is a parking lot nearby or if street parking is the only option.

Hopefully, a pet owner should never have to make an emergency visit to the vet. But it’s important to see if a practice offers the service just in case. Pet owners shouldn’t completely discount a practice if it has no emergency service. Instead, just ask the vet who to see outside of normal hours as a backup plan.


Happy Dog


If possible, make an appointment to visit the vet clinic for the first time without the pet. This will provide an opportunity to check cleanliness and how comfortable the clinic feels. Also, check out the mood of the clinic. Nothing spells trouble like staff that isn’t happy to be there. Pet owners should see how long the clinic has been in the neighborhood, and how long the vet has been practicing.

Use the opportunity to ask what kind of equipment the clinic has. It helps to know the clinic already has an X-Ray machine rather than finding out later that the pet would have to go to more than one location for treatment. Ask the vets about their specialties as well. Just like for humans, there are vets that specialize in nutrition, dentistry and behavior. If you have an unusual pet, or one with special needs it’s important to know that it will be taken care of.


Cat Personality


Take into consideration how the vet acts toward the pet. A good vet should be able to calm anxious animals. A vet should also be able to explain which treatment an animal needs in a way that is easy to understand. Last, no one needs to be a know-it-all. If something is out of his or her capabilities, a vet should be comfortable asking another specialist for help.

Life in D.C. can get busy. Pet owners should see how to best get in touch with a clinic and set up an appointment while on the go. Some offices enable people to set up appointments online, but others may require a phone call. See if the clinic sends appointment reminders, and see how often those reminders are sent.

Happy Yorkie


While quality is very important when considering a vet, pricing matters as well. Unfortunately, pet owners cannot compare prices easily. While annual vaccinations may be cheap at one place, another place might offer less expensive emergency services. Consider pet insurance, as this can help cover part or all of the costs of a vet visit. Pet owners should see what type of payment the clinic accepts, and talk with the vet about prices before beginning a procedure.

Top 10 Summer Break Destinations for 2018

Summer Break season is upon us and it’s time for college students to drop their books and flock to warmer weather. Whether you’re looking to drive to domestic beaches or bathe in the international sun, there are plenty of relaxing spots that’ll satisfy your craving for fun. Check out our top ten summer break destinations for college students!


For a party atmosphere and relaxing paradise, look no further than Nassau, Bahamas. With its white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue-green water, this destination is perfectly picturesque and offers recreational activities such as wakeboarding, paragliding, surfing, and scuba diving. Stock up on Instagram photos by day and hit the nightclubs at night. Nassau is home to two casinos and well-known restaurants such as Señor Frogs and Club Waterloo. Be sure to go out in groups for safety keep an ID on you at all times. While this is a relatively safe city, it is best to use caution while traveling internationally.

Punta Cana

This touristy city in the Dominican Republic is quickly becoming a top travel destination for college student summer breakers and it’s easy to see why. With its beautiful beaches, tropical landscape, legendary pool parties, and vibrant nightlife, it’s impossible not to unwind and have a good time. If you find yourself tired of basking in the sun, consider taking a day trip to nearby islands or see the Dominican countryside on a Jeep safari.

Las Vegas

Sin City is the only destination in our top 10 that isn’t located within driving distance of a major beach, so you won’t be able to drive there in your city car… but as Las Vegas has proven, there is more to having a good time than being on the ocean. This desert oasis is known for its wild night clubs, raucous pool parties, and luxurious casinos. Enjoy good eats, swim up bars, poolside dancing from sun up to sun down, and hit the strip or see a show at night. There’s never a dull moment in this entertainment-filled playland.

Puerto Vallarta

One of the most postcard-worthy beach destinations and arguably the most gay-friendly summer break hotspot. Spend your days lounging on the beach, scuba diving with manta rays, boating, and parasailing. After sunset, hop between salsa clubs, bars, and nightclubs, and don’t forget about Collage’s weekly foam party that takes place on Tuesdays!


Another destination with world-renowned beaches and plenty of booze. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more upfront in order to stay at a resort right on the beach with well-kept rooms and free water sports. All-inclusive isn’t a must so do you research before booking. Whichever package you choose, treat yourself to at least one local meal of famous jerk chicken! You won’t regret it.


Welcome to the infamous South Beach. While this is a destination for young travelers year-round, Summer Break takes the city to whole new level. Even though Miami is known for its beach parties and nightlife, don’t forget that it also offers plenty of shopping and sightseeing. Enjoy art deco architecture or take a drive in a high mpg car to the everglades and switch between dancing on the beach and club hopping!


Another Florida hotspot, jump in a fuel efficient SUV and drive over! Perfect for those looking for more than just a beautiful spot to lay in the sun. While Orlando does have quick access to the coast, it is better known for its amusement parks. If you’re able to foot the bill, each day could be spent exploring Disney, Universal, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, etc. And don’t forget, these parks also serve alcohol so they’re definitely not just for kids!

Cabo San Lucas

The best summer break destination in Baja! Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf in this tropical paradise and explore natural wonders such as the Land’s End rock formations. Rum and tequila are never in short supply at the local nightclubs and the snorkeling is renowned. With plenty of restaurants and bars, an all-inclusive stay isn’t a necessity and exploration is a must!


Our biggest tip for a Cancun Summer Break is to go big or go home. Stay at an all-inclusive resort and take advantage of the many day-trip excursions offered through the resorts and travel agencies. The Mayan Ruins at Tulum and Temple of Kulucan a Chichen Itza are not to be missed, even if you’re suffering from a hangover. Visit the Oasis Hotel to drink by the bar, join beach contests, or play volleyball and then enjoy a night out at any of the 200+ bars and nightclubs nearby.

Corpus Christi

Our #1 location to get away from lectures and note-taking is Corpus Christi, Texas. This lesser-known summer break hotspot is a great road trip destination in an electric vehicle like a Chevrolet Spark or a Chevrolet Volt, over 100 miles of beaches, a summer break brewery tour, resorts, waterparks, late night entertainment, and is potentially the most affordable option on this list. Just a short drive from the infamous summer break destination, North Padre Island, accommodations in Corpus Christi are much more affordable and offer the same amenities.

Best Neighborhoods to Buy Your First Home In Naples, Florida

First time homebuyers often face a ton of stress when picking out their first home.  There are many important factors and elements involved that can make the process overwhelming. Luckily, there are many welcoming communities in Naples, Florida that make it an excellent spot to settle. Whether you are young and looking to be near city life and a carefree beach, or a family searching for a safe community, Naples has the perfect neighborhood options. You are sure to find your new home in the pleasant city of Naples.

Naples Florida Downtown

Gated Communities

Naples, Florida is home to several gated communities. These extremely beautiful homes foster close-knit communities and are a great way to get to know people in the area.

Bears Paw Country Club feature beautiful homes, an outstanding golf course, and indescribable views. The home styles include condominiums, villas, and single-family homes. This wonderful community is moments away from downtown Naples and just a drive away from the Everglades National Park.

Naples Park Real Estate is an example of yet another remarkable community of Florida. Nearby, you will find remarkable shopping, country clubs, and the ocean. Additionally, living in this neighborhood would put you right next to Delnor-Wiggins State Park. This destination is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world. It is a great spot to gather with family and relax on a warm day.  

Artesia Naples is a beautiful gated community that is an ideal location for those wanting to connect with Florida nature.  A portion of the land is dedicated to preservation of nature and lakes, and residents can kayak and explore the beautiful waters.  Best of all, Downtown Naples is just a short drive away.


City Life

If city life is more your style, Naples has a beautiful downtown area. here are several homes surrounding the streets near downtown Naples; each one uniquely built and a wonderful place to purchase your first home. And the best part is that they are close to many of the city beaches. A walk through downtown features cute shops, delicious restaurants, and a wonderful place to raise a family.


Country Clubs

One housing option many may be unfamiliar with are located on or near a country club. Many clubs offer condos, estate homes, villas and pool homes that are close to the amenities found on the grounds.

If your family prioritizes living on a golf course, Naples is definitely the place for you. Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club is your own private paradise. There are several ways this area will delight you. The views of the golf course are certain to please, and the carefully crafted homes are desirable. Kensington Golf & Country Club is a remarkable place to purchase your first home. Though demand is high, it is worth it. The homes are remarkably beautiful, as is the view residents receive.



Non-gated communities are attractive to first time homebuyers for several reasons. The openness creates the ability to bond with those living in nearby neighborhoods. These communities are typically just as high quality and as close to the excitement of Naples as any other neighborhood.

Livingston Woods is located along Interstate-75 and is perfect for eager adventurers who want to explore more than just Naples. Homebuyers have much more freedom with the space they purchase than renters. Close to Livingston Woods are shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities. And the beloved Gulf of Mexico beaches are about 10 miles from Livingston Woods.

Park Place in Naples is the perfect spot for first time homebuyers, as it is within walking distance from the beach. There is a remarkable balance of class and casualty in the air of this neighborhood. Additionally, restaurants and shops are extremely close.

Victoria Park is a collection of beautiful homes with a lake in the center. These homes have access to the lake, as well as tennis courts, a park, private boat lake dock, and a community pool. The collection of amenities, make this the perfect neighborhood for a first home.


Find the Perfect Home

Many people are uncertain of what they are in search of for their first home. Since this is one of the most important purchases one will make it is not something you want to be disappointed with.

There are many resources to discover what area of Naples, FL has exactly what you are looking for. Areavibes rates a variety of factors to consider when looking to purchase a home. Additionally, being near excitement is important to many. When settled, check to find activities and events nearby to help you to get to know your new home.

Naples is a wonderful city of Florida to reside within. The city is near state parks, beautiful beaches, outstanding golf courses, and lovely downtown setting.  Find where you belong and purchase your first home in Naples, Florida.

Pet-Proofing Your New Home

Cats and dogs are more than animals — they’re furry, four-legged family members. And much like your human family, a pet can get into unwanted trouble around the home. Before you bring your best friend to your new Florida home, consider their specific needs and if your home is safe.

It’s important to learn about common home hazards for pets, and how a little planning can keep your pet safe and happy. When it comes to pets, being proactive is always better than reactive. So here are a few steps to pet-proof your new home before your new fur baby can safely trot through the front door.

Mommy Cat and Kitten

Kittens and Puppies

Kittens and puppies are naturally inquisitive and it’s no surprise they wind up in hilarious —and sometimes dangerous — situations. Rest assured, any open kitchen cabinets will be thoroughly investigated, loose cables will be chewed on, and left out food will be devoured. Kittens and puppies simply don’t know what’s dangerous and what behaviors are okay. It’s up to you, or your older dog, to teach them. Until they learn, it’s your responsibility to remove any hazards they might encounter.



The biggest initial headache for new pet parents is to properly train their fur ball. The American Humane Society has excellent advice for housetraining puppies and Whiskas, a cat food brand, gives great advice for housetraining kittens.

During initial training, accidents will happen. It’s best not to get upset about it and prepare for stains, smells and messes beforehand. If you have the opportunity, swap carpets for hardwood floors or install ceramic tile with dark grout lines that won’t show stains.

One thing to note, since Naples has a hot, humid, and wet environment, be careful installing tile because your pup or kitten might slip around and hurt themselves. This precaution is particularly important with older pets who have joint issues. The simplest solution is to put down rugs or runners on wet and rainy days.

Avoid Poisonous Plants

Cat proofing your home can be trickier than keeping your dog safe. Cats love exploring and wedging themselves in high places or tight spots. Among the risks of a curious cat are common house plants. Cats love chewing on house plants and grass, some of which can cause stomach irritations, allergic reactions and even death. Know what plants are dangerous to cats and dogs and ensure your house and yard are free of the dangerous plants. If your cat insists on chewing things, then grow or purchase some cat grass.

Become an Animal

Your point of view is very different than what a cat and dog sees, so it’s easy to forget about nooks and crannies your pet might slip into. Crouch down to your hands and knees and wander throughout your home, thinking about all the places you’d love to explore as a cat or dog. Don’t forget to inspect areas your pet can get to by jumping or climbing.

Lock up cleaning supplies

Cleaning products are often deadly to pets. It’s crucial to keep your cleaning products locked away in cabinets or lockers that have child-proof latches installed. Remember to check the laundry room and garage for any left-out chemicals, supplies or bottles.

Secure Medicines

Child-proof medicine containers aren’t chew-proof, so you must keep all medications — human and animal alike — in a secure cabinet. Never let your pet snag a dropped pill or capsule.

Pomeranian Doggy

Keep Keepsakes Safe

Vigorous tail wagging, exploring cats and playtime eventually destroy fragile objects. Keep treasured objects or fragile decorations locked away in glass cabinets or in inaccessible areas.

Mind the cords and cables

If you’re done using an electrical appliance with a dangling cord, unplug it and secure the cord. If this isn’t viable, cover your cords and cables with a protective coat or bat-tasting non-toxic pet sprays. Cats love playing with hanging drapery and blind cords. It’s important to keep them wrapped up and out of reach. Your cat could die from strangulation or choking by playing with the cords.

Double Check Small Enclosures

Kittens, cats and puppies are the true hide-and-seek champions. Always double check inside the dryer or washer before closing the door, and keep appliances closed when not in use. Also, double check refrigerators, freezers and dresser drawers before closing them.

Unset the table

Remove tablecloths from tables unless you are about to use them. New kittens who are curious about what’s up there on the table will try to climb the tablecloth. The result could be broken china and crystal—and an emergency trip to the veterinarian.

Close the Toilet Lid

Keep the toilet seats down. A kitten or puppy could clamber onto the toilet, fall in and be unable to escape.

Cover Dangerous Switches

If you have a garbage disposal switch or other dangerous built-in appliances, cover the activation switches with special covers from a hardware store. Cats are natural climbers and usually find their way to the kitchen sink and then play with play with electric switches, like the one for a garbage disposal. Obviously, this can end in disaster.

Secure your screens

Thwart your dog and cat from transforming into an escape artist and install secure, sturdy latches on screen doors and window screens.

Clip the Claws

Never declaw your cat or dog. It’s an awful mutilation that eliminates your pets defense options and creates various health and lifestyle problems. The better option is to clip your pet’s claws one-to-two times per month. If your pet goes outside frequently, the different environment will help trim their claws, so you won’t have as much work to do. Pets who are primarily indoors need frequent claw trimmings. Untrimmed claws can lead to infection, pain, and difficulty walking.

Taking care of a pet is a rewarding, heartwarming experience. The unconditional love a cat or dog offers is unlike anything else, so do your part and make sure your home is ready for your furry family member. Please ask your veterinarian or local animal shelter about specific safety questions.

Love is in the Florida Air: All There Is to Know About a Romantic Weekend Trip to Orlando

If you live in the Sunshine state, you’re in the right location to take some great day or weekend trips around this big, beautiful Florida state. You could end up in Orlando, the “theme park capital of the world,” or you could venture to a Palm Beach spot you just haven’t gotten around to exploring. Go put-putting, swan boating, or soak up some art at a museum nearby, better yet, find a great rental car and take it out to the backcountry for some hiking. No matter what you choose, leave the kids at home and enjoy a beautiful night out in whichever town you choose, just the two of you. Here are some of the best places to take your significant other when you have some time to be together.

1. Swap Shop Drive-In

Wait until all the kids are gone and enjoy great vendors and the world’s largest drive in movie theater at the Swap Shop Drive-In, which is only thirty minutes from Boca Raton. This flea market drive-in combination is a fantastic way to spend an evening. has a 1950s sci-fi and horror movie theme.

The 180,000 square foot air-conditioned building houses over 2000 vendors, arcade games, a free Ferrari museum, and a large food court if watching a movie from your car wasn’t cool enough. There is also a carnival, so go win your hunny some giant stuffed animals and giggle over some cotton candy.

2. Big City Hunt

It makes sense to take a day trip out to Orlando every once in a while, — there’s no better way to explore a new city than through a scavenger hunt. With Big City Hunt, the two of you have two hours to solve 15 clues. To play, just download a launch code and start whenever you wish.

The clues come straight to your smartphone, and they include interesting facts about the sites you encounter. At the end of the game, see how your points stack up to players from around the world on a virtual leaderboard. The game gives a whole new meaning to the term, “power couple.”

3. Lake Eola Park

Did you know swans mate for life? If you’re corny and you’ve found your soul mate, it’s about time you take your significant other out on the water. Celebrate lifelong love and rent a swan boat at Lake Eola Park in Orlando. The paddle boats are available to rent for $15 per half hour and no reservations are needed. The park is in the heart of downtown Orlando, and it often hosts live performances.

Lake Eola also has a fountain which changes colors at night. Sundays are the best time for a day-time date. There is all-levels yoga (go like their Facebook page!) at the park for $5 on Sundays. Hungry couples are encouraged to check out the farmer’s market afterward from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

4. Harry P. Leu Gardens

Take some time to smell the roses at the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando. Covering nearly 50 acres, the gardens have lakes, shaded oak trails and a forest of camellias flowers. The garden was created by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leu, a couple who traveled the world collecting plants and flowers together.

Take tour through the butterfly garden or take photos together in the flowering tree collection. Many couples take wedding photos at the demonstration gardens, and for good reason.

5. Orlando Museum of Art

Check out work from the city’s up and coming artists at the Orlando Museum of Art. The museum is doing a Florida Prize in Contemporary Art exhibition, featuring the 10 most exciting artists doing work in the state. This year’s artists include Domingo Castillo, Coco Fusco and Dana Hargrove.

The exhibition includes a variety of photos, sculptures and paintings. Other than the exhibition, the museum has 900 works of art by more than 35 ancient cultures in the Art of the Ancient Americas collection. The museum describes the collection as “the most comprehensive in its kind” in the Southeast United States.

6. Urbain 40

After the museum, make a reservation for dinner at Urbain 40. The restaurant received a Golden Spoon award by Florida Trend as the best new restaurant in Orlando. While known for its French cuisine, such as freshly baked baguettes and mushroom crepes, the restaurant also serves a variety of pasta dishes.

The decor is 1940’s swing era, and Orlando weekly describes it as “arguably the most beautiful restaurant space in the city.” A live jazz band often performs at the restaurant, lending a nice backdrop of music to a lovely evening out.

7. Turkey Lake Park

You don’t have to go too far to get away from the city and have a romantic outdoor adventure at Bill Frederick Park. Also known as Turkey Lake Park, the location covers 178 acres making it Orlando’s largest park.

The area has a calm 2.4-mile hiking trail for a nice day trip. For a longer stay, bring a tent or rent one of the park’s cabins. Bring a frisbee for one of the two 18-hole disc golf courses. Or bring a fishing pole for a calm time on the pier. The park also has a swimming pool, picnic area and a paved bicycle path.

8. Couples Massage Day Trip

Located in Weston, Florida, the Wellness Suites Weston is a highly regarded spa that offers great deals for couple’s massages. There is literally nothing better than a relaxing massage. If you go with your love, the benefits don’t end when the massage does. Take the time for a hot stone session together and feel truly pampered. You and your partner will be relaxed, joyful, and basking in the glow of such a romantic day.

Even if a massage isn’t your idea of fun, this spa offers many unique services to its customers. From manicures, to eyelashes, to wellness sessions, there truly is something for everyone. Inside, they have a stunning vintage boutique and rare jewelry offerings, which make great surprise gifts for your significant other.

9. Herman’s Loan Office Speakeasy

Grab a cocktail at the speakeasy-inspired Herman’s Loan Office. The lounge used to be a pawn shop and loan shark office in the mid 1900’s, and some of the old design has been incorporated into the new space.

The bar is led by General Manager and Head Bartender René Nguyen. He and his team were also behind the highly successful craft cocktail space Hanson’s Shoe Repair. With an intimate feel and a fireplace, the Loan Office is great for conversations with loved ones over an expertly-crafted drink.

No matter where in Florida you come from, you’re sure to find something on this list to make for a memorable night out with your loved one. What are some things you like to do for a night on the town?

The Best Public Tennis and Basketball Courts in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida, located on the state’s west coast, has some of the most breathtaking beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. While from the outside this beach town may seem inactive and sleepy, it is quite the opposite. In fact, Naples is the perfect place for retirees to stay active year-round. Many locals spend their days golfing on pristine courses, sport fishing offshore, enjoying luxury and boutique shopping, and taking long walks along the water during sunset. With all these desirable amenities, it’s easy to see why Naples is a top destination for those looking to settle down and enjoy their lives after retirement.

Along with all the available activities for Naples retirees, tennis and basketball remain tried and true favorites, and for good reason. Participating in these sports builds bone strength, promotes cardiovascular health, and boosts mental development. Thanks to beautiful Florida weather, either of these activities are available outdoors year-round with many courts available to the public. Below are our top three parks boasting tennis and/or basketball courts, along with many other options for outdoor activities.

Veterans Community Park

Located in North Naples, Veterans Community Park attracts all ages. From children’s activities to exercise classes for seniors, it is one of the busiest community destinations in the area. This park is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and is the ideal place for tennis as it has four lit courts.


There is no shortage of things to do while at Veterans Community Park. With a long list of amenities, you could spend a whole weekend exploring all there is to offer.

Enjoy the following: a Community Center, 3 lit softball fields, a lit baseball field, lit bocce ball courts, 4 lit tennis courts, 4 lit racquetball courts, a lit playground, a lit soccer/football field, a picnic area, 2 sand volleyball courts, a covered lit multi-purpose rink, and 2 picnic pavilions.

Other features

Drop in on Bone Builders, a fitness class begun by Collier Country’s Retired Senior Volunteer Program and designed to assist those with Osteoporosis by building their strength safely.

Are you dog owner? Enjoy Rover Run, the only dog park in the North Naples area. Open from 7:30 a.m. to dusk, the park includes two fenced in areas, one for large dogs and one for small, so it is the ideal place to let your four-legged friends run off leash.

Pelican Bay Community Club

For a relaxing afternoon on the water playing some of your favorite outdoor sports, look no further than Pelican Bay Community Club. Located on Vanderbilt Beach Rd., one of the main attractions of this park is the lovely, white sand beach. There’s no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful parks in Naples and it is open to the public.

Open Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-9 pm, Sat & Sun 9a.m.-5p.m., Pelican Bay Community Club is best known for its tennis courts. Get an annual membership (Single for $400/year or Couple for $700/year) or pay a one-time court fee of just over $10/person for an hour and a half. Private lessons are also available for just $35/half hour or $65/hour.


On the grounds of Pelican Bay you will find 8 lit tennis courts, 4 lit racquetball courts, 2 bocce ball courts, a lit basketball court, a lit playground, a softball field, a soccer field, a walking trail system, a pavilion, and a beautiful lake.

East Naples Community Park

The East Naples Community Park caters to both children and adults with youth activities, fitness programs for all ages, a skating park and playground, senior programs, and a community center. Open daily from 8 a.m.-10 p.m., this park also offers after school and summer camp programs that include outdoor activities and recreational sports.


Included on the grounds of this sprawling park are 2 lit basketball courts, 2 racquetball courts, 8 lit tennis courts, 4 lit softball fields, a lit playground, a lit exercise trail around the lake, a picnic area, a pavilion, a roller hockey rink, 2 lit football/soccer fields, a senior center, and 25 pickleball courts.

Yes, 25 pickleball courts. Did you know that East Naples Community Park was the home of the US Open Pickleball 2017 Championships? If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, this might be just what you’ve been waiting for.


How to Cleanse Your Home of Unwanted Junk When Moving

Garbage. Refuse. Rubbish. Junk by any other name is just as pervasive, wasteful and undesirable. Whether it’s an old appliance taking up space in your basement or a piece of furniture that needs to be replaced, we all have cumbersome junk that can’t simply be put in a garbage bin and require a bit of extra effort in order to get rid of it.


One of the easiest ways to get rid of junk is to just recycle it! Whether you’re making use of recycling bins or recycling centers, you can never go wrong with recycling.

You can even recycle old electronics that might contain hazardous materials that landfills won’t accept or will release toxic chemicals into the soil if disposed of improperly. By recycling, you divert waste away from the landfills, help protect your local environment, and enable new materials to be made from your old junk.


Another great way to divert junk from landfills is to donate it. Thrift stores, charities and donation centers often freely accept what you deem to be junk, as long as it is in reasonably good condition. It’s one thing to donate an old microwave; it’s another to give them an old microwave without a door.

You’ll also want to avoid trying to donate built-in appliances, monitors, and mattresses, as these items take up a lot of space and are a hassle for some centers to accept. Instead, see if a specialty organizations like Habitat for Humanity or Bye-Bye Mattress will accept them. You can also contact local homeless shelters see if they could use any of your departing junk.

Don’t forget to ask for a receipt when donating; donations are tax deductible!


One of the more direct routes people take is to just load up their junk into a pick-up truck and take it to a municipal landfill. Generally, these facilities will accept most non-hazardous materials and charge by the weight, but you should check with your local landfill before heading out. Some landfills charge user fees, have a different pricing structure for yard waste or will only allow those with the proper vehicle registration to use them.

While landfills are a straightforward solution, factors like costs, transportation, and labor might make this solution unfavorable for you.

Junk Removal Services

Of course, the easiest route might just be to call someone up and have them manage the process. By going this route, you’ll be able to save invaluable time and you won’t have to get your hands messy. In addition to the ease of service and upfront pricing, 1-800-GOT-JUNK also works to keep as much junk out of landfills as possible by donating and recycling items they take.

4 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers on How to Get Things Ready Financially

Buying your first home can be exciting and scary at the same time. You may have the down payment saved up and you think you have all your ducks in a row. To make sure that this really is the case, have a look at our tips below. First-time home buyers may not always know exactly what is required or how to set things in order to make sure their home buying process runs smoothly.

Tip 1: Know your assets and liabilities

Not having a lot of debt and paying your bills on time is not necessarily enough to make you ready for owning a home. You need to carefully evaluate what you are getting in and what is going out. You need to understand cash flow and how it influences your finances. Your income will also play a role. If you are self-employed, it will be harder to get a loan.

Tip 2: Have all your documents ready and organized

There is a lot of documents involved when applying for a home loan and buying a house. You need records of payslips, years’ worth of W-2s, tax returns, and bank statements. You may also need copies of your marriage certificate. Have all these documents on hand before you start the process of applying for a home loan. This will make the process run better.

Tip 3: Know what you can afford

When you start thinking about buying a home, you probably have a good idea of what you can put down as a down payment and also how much you can afford on a monthly basis. This way, you already know what the bank will say. Avoid going over the amount that you can afford. Rather go for a home price that is a bit lower than you can afford.

Tip 4: Get your down payment together

Saving up or getting together a big enough sum to be your down payment can be hard. You should do research on programs that assist first-time home buyers with their down payments. Also, talk to friends and family and find out what they did. Research money lenders and find out what their processes and requirements are.

This will get you prepared for what to expect when buying your first home. If you do research and plan well, you will have a much smoother process.

5 Financial Benefits of Owning a Home

Owning a home has many financial benefits and these tend to become especially evident during tax season. From financial stability to tax benefits, owning a home is not a bad thing at all. Let’s have a look at exactly what the benefits are:

Owning a home is financially savvy

Recent turbulence in the real estate market has made people unsure about owning a home. However, it is still a smart thing to do if you do it right. Buying a house that you can afford will build wealth over time and make homeownership worth it.

Your monthly payments build your equity

Your home equity is determined by the amount that you can sell it for minus the amount that you still owe on it. This means, that every month when you pay your mortgage you are increasing your equity.

You get tax deduction benefits

There are different tax deduction benefits that you may qualify for. These include tax deduction that allows homeowners to deduct mortgage interest; property tax deductions; and closing cost deductions for the first year you buy your home.

You could qualify for capital gains exclusion

To qualify, you need have bought a house with the main purpose to live in it and have done so for at least two years. If you bought your house before 2003, chances are that it has gained value and not lost value. Based on all this, you could walk away with a profit of between $250 000 and $500 000 when you sell your house and you will not owe capital gains taxes.

Buying is cheaper in the long run

Buying a house may be costly in the beginning, but compared to renting for the same amount of time and monthly payments, buying is definitely cheaper in the long run. Instead of paying off someone else’s mortgage, you may as well rather pay your own.

Buying a home is a sound financial decision as long as you plan for it and can afford it. Don’t buy over the amount that you can comfortably afford and you will be fine and can enjoy your home.