Just because you’ve retired after all these years doesn’t mean you’ve given up on adventure and mobility. There’s still a lot of places to go and things to do down in Florida, and you need the right car for the job.

But there isn’t just one universal car or SUV for every retiree—you need something that fits the kind of retirement you’re looking for. So, whether you’re busy and adventurous, a real people person, or a little on the quiet side, there’s going to be a good, modern vehicle for your needs. Here’s a few suggestions for the best sort of car to bring with you down to Florida.


Plug In Electric Car

Go Green in an Electric Vehicle

One of the most cost-effective cars for even the busiest retiree would have to be the Chevrolet Volt. Just as it says in the name, the Volt is an electric car—meaning no need to stop for gas, and you can even charge it from home. It’s small and affordable, meaning budgeting for it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The important part is it’s four doors, which allows you to ferry friends and family about without any issues with seating arrangements. This includes a fairly roomy trunk for any grocery or other pickups that may be along the way. Another neat feature, particularly pertaining to cruising about the neighborhood, is it is nearly noiseless at low speeds. Fortunately, it does come equipped with a pedestrian-alerting sound system, so you won’t be accidentally sneaking up on any unsuspecting neighbors.


Child in Trunk

Minivan for the Grandkids

Maybe a small car isn’t big enough for your needs. That’s where the Honda Odyssey comes in. It’s a minivan big enough to pick up all your friends and neighbors for those weekly outings, but still with affordable mileage to coast around for your daily needs. It’s especially roomy in the back to so nobody has to feel cramped while riding passenger, and the floor of the rear opens up for even more space to fit laundry or shopping carts you might bring. If you aren’t already the most popular carpool pal in the neighborhood, the Odyssey will make you it.


Gasoline Fillup

Compact Car with Great Gas Mileage

If you’re not looking for something big and you’re not keen on spending a lot of money, the Nissan Versa has got you covered. It’s probably one of the most affordable cars out there. It’s less of a vehicle for the busy extrovert than the Odyssey or Volt, but has plenty of features to keep you content with your own vehicle. It’s incredibly fuel efficient, too, getting about 27 miles per gallon in the city, keeping your gas budget off your mind. The Versa is an exceptionally small vehicle with a spacious interior, making it one of the subtler vehicles to have in close-knit communities and neighborhoods where you want to keep to yourself.


Beach Off Road

Small SUV for Off-road Adventures

Those last three may not have fit your needs, because while you’re retiring to Florida, you’re not staying there. You’re still ready for adventure, you just need somewhere to stay between travel plans. To that end, you should consider the Jeep Compass. It’s a tough and rugged model designed to handle both paved city streets and the rough roads of the country, making it ideal for anyone with the intention of traveling. It’s spacious inside for even the tallest adults, so you don’t have to be taking these journeys alone. This also makes it easy to get in and out of—perfect for picking up or dropping off grandchildren during a visit. It’s not so easy on the mileage, but that’s the price of its versatility with terrain. If you’ve got plans to see the country with your retirement, it’s the Compass you want carrying you there.

Best Cars for your Post-Retirement Lifestyle in Florida
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