Whether it has feathers, scales or fur, the best pet is a healthy one. When moving to a new city, it’s especially important to find a vet that is trustworthy and one that can develop a positive relationship with the pet. Naples has plenty of vets to choose from, but some stand above the rest. Here are factors to consider when finding the perfect fit.


Dog Anxiety


The trip to a vet can be an anxiety-inducing experience for animals. Consider how far away the location is from home or work when researching a practice. Pet owners that use public transportation should see how far away it is from the closest metro or bus stop. Parking in the city is never easy, and finding a spot can be more stressful with a pet involved. Check to see if there is a parking lot nearby or if street parking is the only option.

Hopefully, a pet owner should never have to make an emergency visit to the vet. But it’s important to see if a practice offers the service just in case. Pet owners shouldn’t completely discount a practice if it has no emergency service. Instead, just ask the vet who to see outside of normal hours as a backup plan.


Happy Dog


If possible, make an appointment to visit the vet clinic for the first time without the pet. This will provide an opportunity to check cleanliness and how comfortable the clinic feels. Also, check out the mood of the clinic. Nothing spells trouble like staff that isn’t happy to be there. Pet owners should see how long the clinic has been in the neighborhood, and how long the vet has been practicing.

Use the opportunity to ask what kind of equipment the clinic has. It helps to know the clinic already has an X-Ray machine rather than finding out later that the pet would have to go to more than one location for treatment. Ask the vets about their specialties as well. Just like for humans, there are vets that specialize in nutrition, dentistry and behavior. If you have an unusual pet, or one with special needs it’s important to know that it will be taken care of.


Cat Personality


Take into consideration how the vet acts toward the pet. A good vet should be able to calm anxious animals. A vet should also be able to explain which treatment an animal needs in a way that is easy to understand. Last, no one needs to be a know-it-all. If something is out of his or her capabilities, a vet should be comfortable asking another specialist for help.

Life in D.C. can get busy. Pet owners should see how to best get in touch with a clinic and set up an appointment while on the go. Some offices enable people to set up appointments online, but others may require a phone call. See if the clinic sends appointment reminders, and see how often those reminders are sent.

Happy Yorkie


While quality is very important when considering a vet, pricing matters as well. Unfortunately, pet owners cannot compare prices easily. While annual vaccinations may be cheap at one place, another place might offer less expensive emergency services. Consider pet insurance, as this can help cover part or all of the costs of a vet visit. Pet owners should see what type of payment the clinic accepts, and talk with the vet about prices before beginning a procedure.

Qualities to Look for in Your Next Vet in Naples
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