Summer Break season is upon us and it’s time for college students to drop their books and flock to warmer weather. Whether you’re looking to drive to domestic beaches or bathe in the international sun, there are plenty of relaxing spots that’ll satisfy your craving for fun. Check out our top ten summer break destinations for college students!


For a party atmosphere and relaxing paradise, look no further than Nassau, Bahamas. With its white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue-green water, this destination is perfectly picturesque and offers recreational activities such as wakeboarding, paragliding, surfing, and scuba diving. Stock up on Instagram photos by day and hit the nightclubs at night. Nassau is home to two casinos and well-known restaurants such as Señor Frogs and Club Waterloo. Be sure to go out in groups for safety keep an ID on you at all times. While this is a relatively safe city, it is best to use caution while traveling internationally.

Punta Cana

This touristy city in the Dominican Republic is quickly becoming a top travel destination for college student summer breakers and it’s easy to see why. With its beautiful beaches, tropical landscape, legendary pool parties, and vibrant nightlife, it’s impossible not to unwind and have a good time. If you find yourself tired of basking in the sun, consider taking a day trip to nearby islands or see the Dominican countryside on a Jeep safari.

Las Vegas

Sin City is the only destination in our top 10 that isn’t located within driving distance of a major beach, so you won’t be able to drive there in your city car… but as Las Vegas has proven, there is more to having a good time than being on the ocean. This desert oasis is known for its wild night clubs, raucous pool parties, and luxurious casinos. Enjoy good eats, swim up bars, poolside dancing from sun up to sun down, and hit the strip or see a show at night. There’s never a dull moment in this entertainment-filled playland.

Puerto Vallarta

One of the most postcard-worthy beach destinations and arguably the most gay-friendly summer break hotspot. Spend your days lounging on the beach, scuba diving with manta rays, boating, and parasailing. After sunset, hop between salsa clubs, bars, and nightclubs, and don’t forget about Collage’s weekly foam party that takes place on Tuesdays!


Another destination with world-renowned beaches and plenty of booze. Do yourself a favor and spend a little more upfront in order to stay at a resort right on the beach with well-kept rooms and free water sports. All-inclusive isn’t a must so do you research before booking. Whichever package you choose, treat yourself to at least one local meal of famous jerk chicken! You won’t regret it.


Welcome to the infamous South Beach. While this is a destination for young travelers year-round, Summer Break takes the city to whole new level. Even though Miami is known for its beach parties and nightlife, don’t forget that it also offers plenty of shopping and sightseeing. Enjoy art deco architecture or take a drive in a high mpg car to the everglades and switch between dancing on the beach and club hopping!


Another Florida hotspot, jump in a fuel efficient SUV and drive over! Perfect for those looking for more than just a beautiful spot to lay in the sun. While Orlando does have quick access to the coast, it is better known for its amusement parks. If you’re able to foot the bill, each day could be spent exploring Disney, Universal, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, etc. And don’t forget, these parks also serve alcohol so they’re definitely not just for kids!

Cabo San Lucas

The best summer break destination in Baja! Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf in this tropical paradise and explore natural wonders such as the Land’s End rock formations. Rum and tequila are never in short supply at the local nightclubs and the snorkeling is renowned. With plenty of restaurants and bars, an all-inclusive stay isn’t a necessity and exploration is a must!


Our biggest tip for a Cancun Summer Break is to go big or go home. Stay at an all-inclusive resort and take advantage of the many day-trip excursions offered through the resorts and travel agencies. The Mayan Ruins at Tulum and Temple of Kulucan a Chichen Itza are not to be missed, even if you’re suffering from a hangover. Visit the Oasis Hotel to drink by the bar, join beach contests, or play volleyball and then enjoy a night out at any of the 200+ bars and nightclubs nearby.

Corpus Christi

Our #1 location to get away from lectures and note-taking is Corpus Christi, Texas. This lesser-known summer break hotspot is a great road trip destination in an electric vehicle like a Chevrolet Spark or a Chevrolet Volt, over 100 miles of beaches, a summer break brewery tour, resorts, waterparks, late night entertainment, and is potentially the most affordable option on this list. Just a short drive from the infamous summer break destination, North Padre Island, accommodations in Corpus Christi are much more affordable and offer the same amenities.

Top 10 Summer Break Destinations for 2018
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