Garbage. Refuse. Rubbish. Junk by any other name is just as pervasive, wasteful and undesirable. Whether it’s an old appliance taking up space in your basement or a piece of furniture that needs to be replaced, we all have cumbersome junk that can’t simply be put in a garbage bin and require a bit of extra effort in order to get rid of it.


One of the easiest ways to get rid of junk is to just recycle it! Whether you’re making use of recycling bins or recycling centers, you can never go wrong with recycling.

You can even recycle old electronics that might contain hazardous materials that landfills won’t accept or will release toxic chemicals into the soil if disposed of improperly. By recycling, you divert waste away from the landfills, help protect your local environment, and enable new materials to be made from your old junk.


Another great way to divert junk from landfills is to donate it. Thrift stores, charities and donation centers often freely accept what you deem to be junk, as long as it is in reasonably good condition. It’s one thing to donate an old microwave; it’s another to give them an old microwave without a door.

You’ll also want to avoid trying to donate built-in appliances, monitors, and mattresses, as these items take up a lot of space and are a hassle for some centers to accept. Instead, see if a specialty organizations like Habitat for Humanity or Bye-Bye Mattress will accept them. You can also contact local homeless shelters see if they could use any of your departing junk.

Don’t forget to ask for a receipt when donating; donations are tax deductible!


One of the more direct routes people take is to just load up their junk into a pick-up truck and take it to a municipal landfill. Generally, these facilities will accept most non-hazardous materials and charge by the weight, but you should check with your local landfill before heading out. Some landfills charge user fees, have a different pricing structure for yard waste or will only allow those with the proper vehicle registration to use them.

While landfills are a straightforward solution, factors like costs, transportation, and labor might make this solution unfavorable for you.

Junk Removal Services

Of course, the easiest route might just be to call someone up and have them manage the process. By going this route, you’ll be able to save invaluable time and you won’t have to get your hands messy. In addition to the ease of service and upfront pricing, 1-800-GOT-JUNK also works to keep as much junk out of landfills as possible by donating and recycling items they take.

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